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Cut & Style

Haircut & Blowout

Includes a wash.
$ 95


Includes a wash.
$ 95 - $145


Color Gloss

Is a translucent, deposit only, semi-permanent shimmer of color.
$ 95 - $125

Single Process (roots only)

This technique is good for grey coverage and/or smudging of the roots. The color is applied only on the roots of the hair.
$ 95 - $145

Single Process (whole head)

This technique is a full head (from roots to ends of hair) one process color application.
$ 155

Single Process INOA (no ammonia)

Ammonia free permanent color. This technique is a new growth color touch up. Great for grey coverage.
$ 100 - $150

Double Process

In this service the color is lifted from your hair and your desired color is then deposited.
$ 185 - $275

Highlights Half Head

Is a highlighting technique which has highlights placed on the two front panels of the head and the top of the head. This technique does not include highlights on the nape of the head. This service includes a color gloss if needed.
$ 225 - $275

Highlights Full Head

Is a highlighting technique that has highlights in every section of your head from the nape of your neck to the hairline in your fringe. This service includes a color gloss if needed.
$ 275 - $325


This hair color technique is a subtle more natural look with the effect of a sun kissed color on the hair. This service is only a full placement of balayage, Prices will change depending on hair.
$ 295 - $365

Air Touch Balayage

The Air Touch technique uses air, versus teasing/backcombing, to create a seamless blend of color.
$ 375

Color Correction

Prices & details available upon request of appointment.
$ upon consultation Book By Consultation Only


Peter Coppola Keratin

Provides the safest and most advanced hair healing available for dry, damaged, color-treated, over-processed or frizzy hair.
$ 275 - $325

Lasio One Day

Lightweight formula that works well on any client seeking curl reduction and eliminates frizz.
$ 275 - $375

Lasio Tropic

This is a formaldehyde free formula. Eliminates 100% of frizz and upto 90% of curls.
$ 275 - $375

Magic Sleek

Formaldehyde free and lasts upto 4-6 months.
$ 375 - $475



I-Tip - small sections of hair are pulled through a small bead then locked and clamped shut with a special tool.


2-8 inch wide, applied to the hair in rows rather than individual strands.

Tape in

Tape in - applied by using either double sided polyurethane tape.

"Prices for certain services may vary depending on lengths, texture or desired results. Please consult and ask your stylist for an accurate quote prior to your service."

There is a surcharge of 3% when paying with credit card. If you pay ALL cash you may receive 3% discount off your services, please let the receptionist know you would like the CASH DISCOUNT.

We only except gratuity in cash & venmo.

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